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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Willy Willy Bum Bum

You know when you wake up you get that feeling that you're going to have "A Day". You know what I'm talking about, the one where literally from the second you wake up everything goes wrong? Yeah... Had one of them yesterday.

Woke up in Blades bed, him snoring next to me, RAGING hangover. No recollection of how I got there. Clothes were strewn around his bedroom (thankfully nothing bold happened there).
Got 20e off him to get home.
Did stride of pride to Tesco and waited for my taxi for 30 minutes. IN THE WIND AND RAIN. I looked like a whore with my Sunday Times tucked under my arm.
Got home. Mother questioned my virtue (again), even though she's not religious.
Passed out on her bed.
Drooled on my face.
Woke up, got off bed and stood on a plug (Worst. Pain. Ever.).
Too late to shower, ironed my shirt for work. Got rust stain on the front of it. Won't come off.
Ran out of make up so looked grey heading in.
Sat next to a hobo on the LUAS. He smelled worse than I did.
Got ciggarette ash in my eye when walking towards work.
Bought coffee. Burnt my tongue drinking it and then proceeded to drop it in the bin by mistake when I was trying to pull a receipt out of my hand with my teeth holding said coffee.
Tried not to cry. Succeeded.
Started work. First 3 customers I had were complaints about their purchases.
Was told I was bad at my job (I'm not at all, but she was old and I mentally wished her a speedy death soon).
Fell asleep in one of the optoms chairs on my break. Had a dream I won the Aston Martin DBS and it could fly. Woke up. It wasn't true.
Looked in the mirror. I wasn't Katy Perry, like I had also dreamed.
Shed a tear and cursed my life.
My skin had turned an odder shade of grey from lack of hydration and sleep.
Went home from work and started to watch a programme I had recorded on Sky +. It got cut off 3 minutes before the ending, so I don't know what happened.
I put on my onesie and went to bed.
Slept for 13 hours.



This video cheers me up no end. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
I'm off to bed again. This onesie gets me tired. I love it. Best 9euro I ever spent.

Night all.

Living In Wonderland xo

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