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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sleeps. I has none.

Is it just me or does anyone else have the absolute and utter loves for Micky Mouse? I own more things with his face on it than anythings else. My panty drawers are full of his face. I am happy knowing he's... eh... very close to me.

I can't sleep. The fuck?

I miss my immense iTunes. Stupid goddamn laptop repair place fucking deleted over 3000 songs off my laptop. I actually broke down in front of the unforgiving Polish fucker who did it, his cold eyes not giving a shit, me with a raging hangover trying not to vomit all over him while he told me there was nothing he could do (in hindsight it probably would have made a stand if I actually did vom all over his fucking stupid gloved hands). So now I'm having to start from scratch with it all. Disgustingly painstaking, but totally worth it. Music is everything to me. I'd rather break my phone than my iPod, although my good friend decided to break my iPod by just listening to it... I don't blame him at all in the slightest. I have the single most horrendous luck with iPods. I was out with my cousin about a year ago and my iPod "The Titanic" was in my bag. I had a bottle of water in my bag too. Anyways long story short I went to get something out of my bag at the end of the night and my iPod was (literally) drowning in water. How ironic eh? I sat at the bottom of Georges Street and cried like a fucking baby. Probably didn't help that I had severe amounts of vodka in my system, but nothing was able to cheer me up, not even a gay guy walking up to me buying me a single rose off some Romanian chick. Anways yeah long story short I has no luck with gadgets in general. I look at something and it will break. Keep iPhones away from me.

Work tomorrow. Kill me. I miss Fibbers.

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