"Don't be all shadow and no substance"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ps... Again...

To those five grown men who were staring at me mockingly yesterday evening when I came into Superquinn Blackrock with my bowler hat on, looking at me like I was some type of window licker, I could see you. I'm not blind. And your almost "pitying" looks towards me did not go unnoticed. But I don't give a fuck. I don't expect balding men in fleeces with middle-aged spread to like what I wear. I liked it, so turn to the guy to the left of you, lick your middle finger of your right hand, and shove it up his ass. Yes. I said it.

Jog on.

Yours lovingly, as always,
Living In Wonderland xo

The Next Big Thing.

This guy is going to be huge. I'm talking Chanel or D&G advert campaigns huge. He has a blog about his life as a model which he started up a few months back, and how models are not the typical stereotypes that we're used to. You can check it out HERE. His grammatical errors are adorable in his blogs (he's from Spain and is only just 18 by a few months), and I would be lying through my teeth, nose, mouth, and well, every part of my body if I said I didn't think that he was devistatingly gorgeous looking. But even though he is legal I still feel kind of a pervert for thinking such illicit thoughts about him. Oh well. I could deal with that if I had him.

I'll give you guys a moment or two for the droolage to stop.

Om nom nom

Ok, time to close your mouths and stop drooling, people.

Sweet dreams,
Living In Wonderland xo

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've decided to revamp my page. Make it cleaner, whiter, new. Like my attitude towards my life. I've decided to make some changes to my life. For me, no one else. These are somewhat my new years resolutions, but I don't like calling them that as I seem to have some type of stupid lazy mental block when it comes to new years resolutions. Within minutes of someone asking me if I've made any new years resolutions and me telling them, I'll have the cigarette in my mouth with a lighter lighting it. So I'm not calling them new years resolutions, I shall name them revamps. Has more of a ring to it anyways.

1) Quit smoking - already been doing it before Christmas so I'm going to try and keep it up.

2) Continue to lose the spare tyre - I SHALL BE ABLE TO FIT INTO A SIZE 10... EVENTUALLY!! Salads are now my new friends... Whooooooooooooooooo...

3) Be more selfish - this is a hard one to justify to other people but it makes perfect sense to me. You see, I have spent the majority of my life going along with other peoples plans, not really throwing in my input, and never saying what I really want to because I'm afraid of what people might think. But now I think it is about time that I listened to the little fat stubborn girl who stomps her foot hard on the ground inside of my head and take heed to her advice. I shall suit myself a lot more, go to clubs that play my kind of music instead of that vile "UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ" music that makes my brain feel like it is slowly being pushed out from behind my eyes, and I shall wear what I always want to wear, not what people think I should.

4) Make my own clothes - I love love love customizing my old t-shirts. I love that feeling when you buy a large rock t-shirt and start with the slicing, cutting, tearing, & stitching. I regularly go into shops that sell these flimsy little excuses for tops for insane prices and I say to myself that anyone can do that with such ease. I have a few ideas that I want to put into play that won't take much effort, just some time and a sewing machine. I'd love to enroll myself into a class that can help you to learn how to sew properly or something so I can finesse it all.

I would like to see if in a years time if I have achieved any  of these little revamps, and which ones I have not succeeded with. Hopefully I'll have completed 4/4 and be a better version of myself. If not, then roll on 2011!

Hope you're all having a nice, freezing cold Thursday.
Living In Wonderland xo