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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hide And Seek.

Being Rape-Proof, Because You'd Never Say No...

I got about 3 hours sleep last night because I was wired from downloading a bunch of music, and chatting to my friend online. Turns out he has a blog too and it's fairly fricken sweet, so if you're arsed, go check it out at Nero's panty drawer. . His ramblings are cool and fresh, if I dare say. He is one of the very few of my actual mates who knows I have one of these things, and I like it that way. I like being able to mumble and grumble without having my friends check in on everything that I'm saying. My friend who has the blog has done the very clever thing of using alises (is that how you spell it? Looks wrong) instead of real peoples names so as to protect their privacy, and as some of the very few peeps who know I have it have asked me not to use their names in my posts, I've decided to do the same whenever I mention them, just to be nice and stuff.

Anyways last night I was chatting to Moon Pies for ages, and I kept thinking how it's so odd the way we became friends. I was mates with his cousin (can't stand that fucker anymore, but that's burnt in the past thank Jesus) and a few other mutuals and we were all out on a night out in town and his eyes were HUGE and I fell in love with them, which I never failed to mention to him once that night. I lost my friend Rubber Ducky on one of the three floors of the club and was going ballisitic trying to find her because RD alone when drunk leads to potential dangerous things (one of the many reasons why she is my hetero soul mate). Anyways I was all over the place trying to find her and trying to walk in a straight line due to the copious amounts of everything I had been doing and drinking, and I saw Moon Pies and I literally grabbed him and dragged him around with me to try and find her, despite the fact that I had known him 5 minutes and he could have been a serious creep/rapist (the verdict is still out on that one). I suggested we walk through the dancefloor to get to the other side, and as we did Rage Against The Machine came on with "Killing In The Name Of". Thought I was going to die. I lost Moon Pies, started getting thrown all over the place and I lost my footing, my shoe flying off in the process. The floor started coming towards me and I just kept thinking "Oh Jesus, please don't knock out any of my teeth", and then as I was about half a foot away from certain dental death, Moon Pies literally came out of nowhere (I suspect he is a ninja part-time) and swooped me up and pulled me away from the crowd, and somehow I miraculously got my shoe back onto my foot. That was the moment I fell in love with this dude. What a hero. And then the little asshole stole my bunny-eared hat for a while. A strong friendship followed. We get each other, which is really nice to have in a male-female friendship. I honestly didn't expect us to even get past that first night out together but I've really come to know him, and he is a really genuine lovely guy. I'm fiercely protective of him and enjoy the twats company from time to time I guess. We get up too all sorts of things when out drinking together. No alcoholic store room is safe from us, if there is a door we shall find that room and we shall find that booze and we shall drink said booze and then we shall demand a Subway the next day when dying of vicious hangovers. We are also amazing at I-Spy. Things that don't exist in the room somehow are eligable for usage. He's just fun.

And I'm going to stop now because I'm being a sap and he's going to see this and his head is going to get bigger and he won't be able to fit through the door. You'd want to appreciate this Moon Pies, you know what I'm like :)

I'm worried about my friend Blades. His girlfriend lives in a different country and it's taking its toll on him. He's becomming inverted. DEFINITELY not like him at all. I hope he just does the right thing. I'll check up on that at a later stage though.

Mish Mash in the International Comedy Bar off Grafton Street tomorrow night. 5e in, free biscuits and a bunch of good comedy acts, can't really go wrong!

Night bunnies
Living In Wonderland xo

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  1. Im really honored you mentioned me and my blog :) love the alias!! Love you!! :D


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