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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve" - Charlie Chaplin

Happy Monday bunnies!

I'm still getting over this bug type thing that has decided to attack me, but I'm feeling miles better than I was thank goodness. Today I watched "Chaplin", the biopic film of Charlie Chaplin, and I was mesmerized. What a life he led. I sat there for over 2 hours, not moving an inch as I didn't want to miss a thing. I was recording it on Sky+ anyways but I still didn't want to miss a beat. I've always loved his films as a child but I didn't know a lot about his personal life, just the man in front of the camera.

My dad used to have a bowler hat when I was a child and my brother showed me how to role it up my arm and onto my head like Chaplin did, which I still do all the time with hats. I think I wore that hat for about a year straight. I've had a sort of obsession for hats ever since. I bought a bowler hat at the beginning of September in Topshop after I spazzed out for about 5minutes in front of it as I was so happy I found one because they didn't have any ANYWHERE. It's my best friend. All I have to do is lash on tonnes of mascara, red lipstick and do my fringe and I'm ready to roll with that baby on my head. Instant coolness. Like shoes, I really think hats can make an outfit complete. The next hat I'm looking for now is a nice small top hat. Think Topshop again might have them!

Charlie Chaplin was the business people, even if he did marry a bunch of times. Sometimes it just takes a while to find the right one. I even loved his style. Monochrome. Kinda "tramp" looking. Brilliant hahaha.

Here's a few photos of the main man himself to keep you all entertained.

As his signature character

With Albert Einstein on the right

Portraying Hitler in "The Greath Dictator" (it is HILARIOUS)
(Photo credits: Google Images)

Good evening all,

Living In Wonderland xo

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