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Monday, February 1, 2010

You Think Me Rude But I Would Just Stand And Stare

I got my hair cut on Friday. Not a regular kind of cut where you go in and say "Oh just a trim to get rid of the split ends and some layers please", no no, I got the mother of all haircuts. And it was completely by mistake too. I asked to get it cut shorter than what I normally have (My hair was long with a thick fringe), and my hairdresser Sinead interpreted it as "cut it short". I was reading the OK! magazine or something like that, glanced up, and had a mini heart attack. I'm not a person who would normally freak out about these things, but it was just because I cannot honestly remember the last time my hair was that short. I felt so sorry for Sinead because I could see she was starting to panic because I was starting to panic, but then she calmed me down and basically told me to chillax the fricken kacks, and I did. She continued on and I sat there silently sweating bullets, and realised that it was actually quite nice. My mother, who was getting her hair done at the same time, sat down next to me and I counted the minutes until she copped on that I was next to her. She liked it, so I felt a bit more better about the whole situation.

In total I got about 6 inches cut off my hair, and the back is shorter than the front (I would say it's like the Pob but it's not and my hair is thicker and longer and nicer), and sort of resembles Elizabeth Taylor circa Cleopatra, but it's different and I like it. I also appreciated the fact that when I showed my friends they loved it and one of my besties Claire screamed at a pitch so high I honestly was waiting for glass to start smashing around me. So that was a good sign I guess. Either way it's about time I changed my hair I realised afterwards I have had the same hair style pretty much for the last 5 years or so. You need to get out of the ruts you've been letting yourself get stuck in and branch out and be bold and try new things. These are the days when we can get away with it all and look back in years to come and go "OH JESUS H. CHRIST WHAT WAS I FUCKING THINKING DOING THAT TO MYSELF WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE HAVE ME INSTITUTIONALIZED??". Ah yes, these are the days. Live them.

Pictures soon.

Night all,

Living In Wonderland xo

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