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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ps... Again...

To those five grown men who were staring at me mockingly yesterday evening when I came into Superquinn Blackrock with my bowler hat on, looking at me like I was some type of window licker, I could see you. I'm not blind. And your almost "pitying" looks towards me did not go unnoticed. But I don't give a fuck. I don't expect balding men in fleeces with middle-aged spread to like what I wear. I liked it, so turn to the guy to the left of you, lick your middle finger of your right hand, and shove it up his ass. Yes. I said it.

Jog on.

Yours lovingly, as always,
Living In Wonderland xo


  1. i also have a story . i have a shall w say " statement " white fur hat .it is fabulous. i wore it one day to college and as i was waiting for a friend outside a canteen . at the same time i could not help but notice the well educated kitchen staff discussing my hat when one middle aged porky one pointed at his head and mouthed " i love yer ha " so i went over to him and told him " thank you very much , maybe if you saved up a months wages you might be able to buy ur own" . howyalikemeknow . fucker

  2. Love this post! I love the way that you don't care and that wore a bowler into Superquinn Blackrock. Pure brilliance! I laugh along with you at sad middle aged men and their now-moistened fingers.
    They don't understand anything that isn't slopped across the bar at them in grubby pint glasses.
    Jog on indeed! x


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