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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Secrets

I love people watching. It's a little thing I like to do. Whether I'm in Starbucks looking out over the dart line in Blackrock at people running to catch the dart just pulling in or overlooking the lake from the library in college, it kind of consumes me. Sarah and myself are the queens of this glorious past time. We make up stories about said people and both give our insights into what the person could be doing with their lives.  I wonder where these people are from, how rich/poor they are, whether they know any of my friends, if they have a significant other or are utterly alone. I also like to see when people bump into friends/college mates, and watch their body language to see if they fancy each other of if they've already had sex with them. It's actually quite hilarious how easily you can spot these things. A simple knowledge of body laguage opens up an amazing amount of insight! But my absolutely most favourite thing when it comes to people watching is seeing someone smiling to themselves walking along. Not one of those smiles that doesn't stretch to the eyes, but one of those thoughtful, remembering a private joke or happy moment kind of smiles. They're the ones that make my day. I'd like to be a smile on someone's face at some stage. Maybe it's already happened, I'll never know. But one way or another I've had plenty of those moments. You know the ones. You're walking down the road, listening to your iPod, then BAM! you remember something that happened to a friend that made your guts spill out of your mouth laughing, or something nice that someone said to you one day, or even something extremely embarrassing that you said or did to someone you really like (the last one has happened to me maaaaaaaaaaannnnnny times). But it really is like the saying that it's the little things that are important in life. A person letting you go through a door first, someone in the bathroom of a club saying they like your shoes, a smile from a baby in a pram, an old man lifting his hat to you as you walk past him in the street, or even your older brother leaving the last biscuit in the packet for you because he knows you're drooling over it in your head. Those are the things that make my day. Just think about it, if we did one nice thing for a random person or even your friend, then you might be that smile on that person's face the next day.

Just some food for thought.

Happy Wednesday everyone,
Living In Wonderland xo


  1. aw love this.
    i stopped a woman the other day to tell her she had tissue on her shoe. she thought i was going to mug her. backfire.. ha x

  2. I love those secret smiles! I've been in the middle of one, walking down the street, to look up and see that someone's smiling just because I'm smiling. Such a lovely thing

  3. I love this post. Im renowned for these smiles. You know how my mind guys its.. non sensical and randomly old memories like you said listening to an ipod will pop in my head and ill be smiling down the street only for other people to smile back or look at me quizzically.


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