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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fuck Love Let's Get Drunk

Hope you all had a lovely Hallmark Day. It's quite literally the shittest day ever yet people still buy into it and poor guys feel like they have to spend and lavish and do all this stuff for the girl. It's not fair on them. Want to know what I did for the day? I was in a state between consciousness and death throughout the entire time, taking up the biggest sofa in my sitting room with a pint of water at my side, the remote in my hand and a blanket thrown over me. All with last nights make up smeared halfway down my face. Loverly. No wonder I'm single. Throw in a bit of Sunday roast and family time for good measure. That's how all my Sundays are starting to be. Not good. Note: Don't ever mix pints of cider and a bottle of wine mixed with a bit of vodka. Does weird things to the brain.

Living In Wonderland xo

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