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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Next Big Thing.

This guy is going to be huge. I'm talking Chanel or D&G advert campaigns huge. He has a blog about his life as a model which he started up a few months back, and how models are not the typical stereotypes that we're used to. You can check it out HERE. His grammatical errors are adorable in his blogs (he's from Spain and is only just 18 by a few months), and I would be lying through my teeth, nose, mouth, and well, every part of my body if I said I didn't think that he was devistatingly gorgeous looking. But even though he is legal I still feel kind of a pervert for thinking such illicit thoughts about him. Oh well. I could deal with that if I had him.

I'll give you guys a moment or two for the droolage to stop.

Om nom nom

Ok, time to close your mouths and stop drooling, people.

Sweet dreams,
Living In Wonderland xo

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