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Monday, November 30, 2009

My Influence

When it comes to influences, I get quite sucked in easily. I'm a very trusting person in that if someone says I should do something I'll generally try it unless there are extreme alarm bells screaming in my head. I can be influenced quite easily by people, and I can get a lot of inspiration from them too. People always say famous women like Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller or Kate Moss are their influences and I think that is great that these women can influence girls in particular ways (although I'm not speaking to Kate at the moment ever since she said "nothing tastes better than being skinny", I wasn't best pleased at her with that. TO THE NAUGHTY CORNER FOR YOU AND NO SUPPER), but I find the people close to home more influential to me than anyone else. My friend Leonn has a fantastic dress sense, the type style I would totally rock if I was skinny enough (not pulling the sympathy card here, just a matter of fact!). She is a gorgeous looking girl, with an aamzing personality to boot too, which is very rare to find these days in some people. She's come into her own ever since she left college and I think thats exactly what she needed to do. To "find herself", so to speak. She has a blog here too, you should check her out: http://cosmo-sparkle.blogspot.com/ You won't be disappointed.

Although I love my Leonn bundles and bundles, I have a slightly unorthodox influence: My dad. My father is my best friend. We are the same person, just 38years in the difference. Born on the same day, we have been inseperable from the moment we set eyes on each other. Dad and myself have the same personality, which in some ways isn't the best because we tend to clash on some things, but they rarely last more than 5 minutes. He caves. I win. (I LOVE being a daddy's girl).
Not only is my father my best friend, he knows EVERYTHING about me. I don't have one secret from the man. Honestly. He knows everything. AND he doesn't judge! One of the many reasons why I love the big lug.

Dad has influenced nearly everything in my life from the moment I was born. From an early age when kids my ages were watching Barney, I was listening to Jimi Hendrix on vinyl and readin the lyrics as if they were fairy tale stories, or getting my dad to record Beatles albums onto a tape so I could play their albums on my Fisher Price stereo thingy at night and go to sleep. Not only has he shaped my love for music (like who can honestly say that their favourite song when they were 5 was "I Am The Walrus" by The Beatles?? Not that many), but he also completely and utterly influenced my taste in fashion.

My father has quite possibly the most amazing taste in clothes ever. He's a solid firm believer in paying above the norm for something that is worth getting, regardless of the price tag. Sometimes I wish he wasn't my dad, and that he was gay, so then I could be selfish and have him as my own little GBF, but then he wouldn't be my dad, which means I wouldn't exist, and then my head hurts and I realise I'm being stupid and I need to shut the hell up. He completely got me into the whole punk rock grunge glam look years ago and it's always been my favourite style. I have more rock t-shirts cut up to bits and modified than I do dresses. And I love dresses. He paid nearl €200 on a pair of Docs for me with 3 buckles going around the side because they "make you look cool. Kind of like Joan Jett". (I was sold instantly). I love shopping with him because he knows what he is on about and I always trust his judgement. He can see things coming into fashion about 6 months before they actually do. Does anyone remember the woeful Parachute Pants?? I can thankfully honestly say that I never possessed a pair, although at one stage I was sorely tempted. But anyways, my father imformed me that these "things" were going to come into fashion soon and I didn't believe him whatsoever, but 6 months later about 40 out of 70 girls in my year in school owned a pair. Vile, vile trousers.

STOP. Hammer Time.
 (Ok in fairness they weren't as bad as MC Hammer's, but you catch the drift.)

Dad and myself are actually in the middle of a fierce battle at the moment that has been going on for about a month now at this stage, and I don't know if we're going to get past this one. We're arguing over leather jackets. He has promised to get me one, and is willing to pay up to 500sploons for one (the above and beyond norm prices for quality things again), but we are constantly in a battle over what type to get. I inform him that I am the one wearing it, whereas he has a good point in saying that he is the one buying it and doesn't want to regret his purchase. I have been tempted on several occasions just to buy a crap plastic leather one for €20 to annoy him, but then I would be down the money and up a horrendous fake leather jacket. Lose-Lose situation for me there.

I am going to have to listen to the man though, because as much as it pains me to say this, he knows waaaaaaaaaaaay more about fashion than I do. Did I mention he is a 58 year old man??? HE was the one who informed me about Christopher Kane for Chrissake!!!! That shit is embarrassing! Can't really complain though, he is amazing at everything he does, and God help anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. The man is a living saint in my eyes and heart. I love my Dad.

The cutest man in the world. FACT.

Ramble over bunnies,

Living in Wonderland xo

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