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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wedge Boot

I've always been a MAJOR fan of the wedge ever since I was a Spice Girl nut. Not only are they comfortable, they can be sky-scraper high without you feeling like your ankle is about to pop out its socket. Not one of my friends could console me when the autumn/winter line was coming in and I thought I would have to retire the wedge heel as my staple shoe. I feared for my life when I went into shops and saw 5&1/2 inch toothpick heels with what looked like dental floss keeping you in the shoe. I even caved and splurged a whole €17 on a pair of heels that look like I stepped into a cobweb, but in the good kind of way. But the other week, instead of sleeping, I was drooling over the British Vogue website and nearly screamed out in joy when I saw that the wedge BOOT has come into fashion, and even more importantly, STAYING in fashion, and is currently being shown on the Burberry, Chanel and Kurt Geiger catwalks (to name a few). Soon all high-street shops shall have them in and I will raid them all in the search of the perfect pair (or two... or three. Don't judge).

Anyways I just needed to post this so you guys can appreciate the fact that your feet shall be safe and fashionable for the next few months. Fab.

Living In Wonderland xo

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