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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Finished college for the summer. Deeeeelighted with life right now. I also invested in some new spray tanning lotion for my little piglet. It's a nice little money maker that thing is. And it also means I can be blick whenever I want to too :D
I am back working full time now. It's shit and boring and crap. But then again working in my job for over 2 years is going to do that to me. Bit I guess I can't complain, how else am I going to pay for college next year?? €2000 isn't going to fall out of my ass!!
I really really miss Tim and Alex. Finally get to see them on the 3rd June for some serious RnR. Going to squeeze every single drop of lulz and loves from them when I see them.
Right now I am living the life. In bed. Watching The Rugrats. I am too cool

Good grief hurry up pay day you're taking the piss this time round.

Living In Wonderland xo

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