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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be Safe.

Sano is coming home on the 24th, I'm literally shaking with excitement. New York is too far away. Paul Jonathan Christine Sano and myself are all going to be going out for a loverly meal then hitting town. A family affair. It's going to be a messy one. And I'll have finished lectures for the summer the day before so I'll be twice as destroyed as per usual. This has been a disgusting year and I cannot wait to give it the 2 fingers when it's done and dusted. Until then, I'm off the booze (a LOT harder than you would think), I'm not going out to town or anything, gotta finish essays, assignments, study, play a bit of poker (I have to have fun SOMEHOW), basically I'm not really going to have a life for the next two weeks, until the 24th, then back to study. Which is as fun as ramming your head into a brick wall repeatedly while letting someone whip you in the back of the legs. Dramatic I know but study is not my forté. Talking, shopping, drinking copious amounts of vodka, and sleeping are mine. I even look a wreck. I actually have a spot in the library in UCD. A SPOT. Alice Collins hasn't got a spot in a library. This is fucking ridiculous. I'm turning into one of them.

I'm done ranting. Now onto the good stuff.


A couple of months back I was reading Glamour or Grazia in work in my last job, and I was admiring this really sweet grey tie-dye t-shirt. It was long enough that it went slightly over your bootay, yet short enough that it would totally look amazing with a pair of denim short or whatever. Anyways I was slightly drooling over it, then I glanced at the price tag. £285. £285. £285... DOES NO ONE SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS??? I nearly fell off my chair I was so disgusted. So in my little rebellious fit I went out and bought dye, and found an old white t-shirt. Bish bash bosh, got the same look for about €7 in total. A bit cheaper than the other top, don't you think? I've gotten compliments on my t-shirt because I've sliced and diced it to the way I want it, with holes and and necklines ripped, sliced  and sewn. It's so much more rewarding and fun knowing you've created your own little piece of fashion without spending the bucks. Give it a go, you could be surprised at what you might end up creating.

Living In Wonderland xo

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  1. Oh yes, the happiness that a bottle of dylon and a pair of scissors has brought to me over the years is amazing.
    Seven euro is a FAR better price if you ask me! :)
    well done boo, and best of luck in your exams!


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